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Pups n Pals Dog Daycare
- Fully Licenced and Insured -

At Pups n Pals dog daycare we provide exercise, socialisation and mental
stimulation for our four-legged clients. Learning through both human and canine interactions throughout the day allows dogs to express normal doggy behaviours and ultimately be safe and happy! We ensure all dogs are placed into the appropriate group for their age and size and every single dog is supervised 100% of the time.

Our staff interact with the dogs during play, nap time or even for a good tummy rub or cuddle. We also instill good manners through basic training using positive reward based methods only.

At Pups n Pals it is paramount that we provide a safe, happy and fun
environment for your dog to spend time at while you are at work.
This helps to prevent anxiety, chewing and other unwanted behaviours if left home alone.

Dog play is more than just having fun! Here at Pups n Pals we
promote healthy canine good manners that can quite often be
forgotten if your dog is not able to regularly interact with other dogs.

Nap Time

After a morning having lots of play, exercise and stimulation the dogs
have a two hour nap. This helps provide routine as well as allowing the mind and body to rest. his is especially important for younger dogs. As much as dogs love to run around and explore they also love snoozing and having a nap. We have a designated nap room with crates, raised dog beds and sofa. While playing doggy meditation music in the background allowing the dogs to chill out, snooze and dream about the fun day that they are having. Puppy's have their lunch at this time and all others have a treat or two .

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dogs need stimulation and an outlet for their energy as well as the
opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

• Exercise
• Mental stimulation
• Socialisation
• Playtime
• Routine
• Care and attention
• Hugs and belly rubs
• Relief from boredom
• Expert supervised playtime

Benefits for owners

Owners can benefit from daycare knowing that their dog is being
stimulated and exercised in a safe environment with opportunities to
prevent boredom.

• Peace of mind
• Happy dog
• Well mannered dog
• Tired dog
• Training tips
• Daily report
• Affordable solution


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