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Pups n Pals is a purpose built dog daycare centre. We currently have two acres of
space situated in a lovely location on farmland near to Kirknewton, Balerno and Currie.

Play Area

The play area is a large secure area with six foot fencing as well as a triple gate entrance for complete security.


We have a trampoline, platform, tyre tunnel, caterpillar tunnel, swing, sand pit,
ball pit, hay bales, logs and even swimming pools for the summer as
well as an indoor play area with rubber flooring, sofa's and raised dog beds.

Dogs have access to both indoor and outdoor areas throughout the day.

Puppy Playgroup
This area is for puppies and small dogs only.
The puppy play area has the same equipment as the large play area
but has a lower platform and trampoline.
There is also an indoor area that the puppies and small dogs have
access to throughout the day.


Sensory Garden
As well as tantalising all of the dogs senses the sensory garden
encourages the dogs to interact with their surroundings and
provides physical and mental challenges. All plants have been
researched and are non toxic. The herb garden provides natural
healing benefits which the dogs themselves are drawn to and
actively nibble.


Wild Flower Meadow

The primary sense for a dog is smell so all the new scents in the
meadow excite them. They recognise the meadow as a more
natural environment and benefit psychologically from feeling that
they have an area where they can fully explore their natural instincts.


There is an animal reiki therapist at pups n pals where reiki healing is
available on request.

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